Jace and I have a civil suit ready for when his criminal case concludes. The civil suit includes the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver police department. It involves this racket that Washington State plays with people’s lives. I know that other states, such as Florida and Texas are on the same band wagon.

Jace Oregon lawyer gave a draft to the city of Vancouver’s district attorneys office a while back. This was done for multiple reasons. One being, when faced with the knowledge that we know that the police broke the law, perhaps Washington state would let Jace go.

Another being that Jace and I wanted the state to know that we will not go quietly. They hold all the cards, or so they think. Few get out of these traps. Most head to prison to make money for the state. Federal funding, more police, prisons, correction officers, lawyers, bail bondsmen, construction, food service, medical and dental, probation officers, the list goes on and on of those who profit directly and indirectly.


The only group that actually loses money is education, as WA state would rather give more money to creating criminals than educating their children. This is obvious by the state supplementing their already federally funded Internet crimes against children (ICAC) task force.

Since most accused of these crimes feel they have no choice but to go quietly – I feel COMPELLED to do the one thing I always advocate. I am making a CHOICE. I choose NOT to go gentle. I choose to go LOUD!!!


I’ve explained this to others but have not written it – by going gentle – you are letting them get away with it! I may not be able to save my son from prison. But I could not live with myself if I didn’t stand up and shout what is happening to him, and others, at the top of my lungs. Again, and again, until people look, and listened, and feel a fraction of the injustice I feel.

Jace Washington Attorney is mad that we gave the draft to the city. My answer to him was I will NEVER apologize for advocating for my son, and against this injustice.

You all have a choice too. Those of you accused, family members, coworkers, friends, or just those with common sense.



2 thoughts on “Do not go gentle

  1. You are 💯% correct. They have continued to do this because most have gone quietly. What they are doing is wrong and it’s good to see another mother also fighting to help her son who has been abused by police. That is what this is, police abuse.
    That’s so good that you have found a lawyer who is willing to file a civil lawsuit on behalf of Jace. We are unable to find any lawyer in our area who will do this and expose the corrupt police here. In Midland, TX we’re not allowed to disrespect the corrupt police.
    We have video evidence of how corrupt they are here. It shows how an officer created a story to get an indictment and to try to get a conviction. Any normal person who watches this video would be outraged at what you see this evil officer doing. We’ve been through three lawyers and none of them have wanted to use that video eveidence for the trial because “we can’t disrespect the police”. They have all tried to cover up evidence that would help my som’s trial. They focus on preparing us for a guilty verdict and act like they are doing their job by working at getting a reduced sentence. They know very well that my son is innocent. They just hate hearing about everything that would show his innocence. They completely ignore those things because they are onviously a part of this corruption. They also work at trying to get us to shut up about it. They can’t expose the corrupt police and what they do because then they would all be exposed for what they’ve been doing. It’s definitely a money thing. Midland, TX is a rich town because of oil and gas. There are many very greedy people here. It’s unbelievable how greedy some of these people are. We have personally dealt with a private investigator who was supposedly helping with our case. She focused more on ripping us off.
    Like you, I’m not going quietly. I’m going to make sure I always get the real truth about all of this out there.


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