The Privileged Few

I've always said I'm not racist. I truly felt that in an 'I'm a good person' kinda way. The longest romantic relationship to date that I have had was with a black man. I adopted two Hispanic children. Yet I know it's true that everyone raised in this country cannot help but have racial tendencies. … Continue reading The Privileged Few

Let it be written, Let it be done.

I always try to bring a smidge of humor into my writings and updates. Life, especially now, can be so disheartening. Humor has always been my way to cope. For the last almost 4 years, it's been hard for me to laugh through my tears. I wanted to update you all that Jace written Mandate … Continue reading Let it be written, Let it be done.

Let’s ask The Doctor

It's been a very busy few weeks for us here, as we ready ourselves for our interview with 'The Doctor'. When I think of The doctor I tend to think of this guy, above...because, well, I'm a nerd. And I love scarves and time travel. But this guy isn't really a doctor. Or this guy … Continue reading Let’s ask The Doctor

Sophie’s choice

A thing I have been working on in my head, that's been bothering me, is the use of media by the police, that attempts to justify the illegal and unethical tactics of law enforcement in ICAC and MECTF police proactive stings. I managed to make a point of it in my FAC video, made earlier … Continue reading Sophie’s choice