The problem with bureaucracy is it's size. You think you've managed to make a difference, but it just doesn't change anything at all. Ahoy! Bloody Kraken's retreatin' !! HURRAY!!! As with most of our problems in life, we try to find ways of accepting, correcting, compromising, or doing without the thing that is causing us … Continue reading Leviathon

Is the tide turning?

The courts are filling up with retaliation. Judges are speaking up against the extreme punishments and useless punitive restrictions. I recently volunteered to assist the FAC (Florida Action Committee) with an influx of membership calls stemming from their recent court victory. That's right - VICTORY! The FAC has been fighting for registrants rights since 2006. … Continue reading Is the tide turning?

Don’t be such a Pariah!

There is a slow awakening happening in this country - and I'm not talking about #45! The frenzied war on those labeled 'sex offender' is reaching a critical point. Not only are there stigma against those prosecuted in these cases, like the one jace was ensnared in, but so are the family and friends! In … Continue reading Don’t be such a Pariah!