I started writing this blog because of my pain, frustration, indignation. In the beginning, I wrote a few times a week. Then weekly. Then it seemed I could barely get one out every few weeks. Now its been what? A month? More….

I remember talking with one of Jace early attorneys…he said that while most people were vigilant advocates while going through the justice system…that most tapered off after their prison term. Advocacy seems to often be an ‘in the moment’ thing.

I recently attended the NARSOL conference in Houston. I was accompanied by the stellar Aracely, and my ‘right advocacy hand’ Heidi. What we encountered is truly humbling. We met people who are no longer dealing with their own court battles, but who believe in the cause of rational laws for PEOPLE. ALL people, not just some people. It was truly inspiring.

I heard stories of people meeting for this group, despite fearing for their own safety. People who used code names, and couldn’t keep straight who was which famous moniker. I heard of men and women who protested these NARSOL advocate’s right to assemble. Their right to speak, and even be, having been accused of or associated with people accused of – even guilty of – a sexual offense.

As you all know I am fighting the injustice of police proactive stings. Where law enforcement create and execute plans to entrap law abiding citizens in their web, for financial, perverse, incentive. Yet we, those whom I firmly believe to be innocent of any intentional harm, are tied significantly to others who perhaps did do harm. Intentionally or not. And it gives me pause and makes me think.

As those of you who know me are aware, I am a bit of a pacifist in most situations. I abhor conflict, flee from nasty disagreements, and mostly keep to myself. But I have also never been afraid to speak up about what I believe to be true. And the truth is we ALL make mistakes. We ALL deserve to live meaningful lives, free from oppression, and we deserve the chance, if we did in fact wrong someone, to redeem ourselves and ask for forgiveness.

No one deserves to be forced into homelessness, such as the Chicago 400 group who spoke at the conference. http://chicago400.net/ These men, from my own home town, have homes, families, lives to return too. But the laws refuse to release these men from irrational, ineffective persecution.

The conditions and laws around the country concerning persons required to register are truly the worst part of humanity. Its the part where some folks feel better about themselves, if they are able to hold another down. It’s a powerplay, a money grab, an immoral pull that many just don’t overcome.

One set of individuals looking to open eyes are those involved in the podcast Registry Matters https://www.registrymatters.co/. Please do listen to this factual based legal discussion – take away some power of knowledge and comfort that others care, and continue to fight, even after they no longer need to.

I hope that with more information, education, awareness – that we can make others see. We are ALL people – with hopes, faults, asperations, and regrets. We all deserve far better than we get from one another.


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