There are a number of young men out there, currently facing charges connected to their actions in a police pro-active sex sting. One thing that has been a reoccurring theme in these cases is that the accused don’t want to, or are told not to, talk about it.

In our case, we never believed Jace would be found guilty. When Jace was questioned, after he was arrested, the police said ‘ you’re in a lot of trouble’. To which Jace replied “no I’m not”. Not because he felt he was above the law, and not because he thought he could ‘get away’ with what he had done – but simply and truly because he knew he had not done anything wrong.

There are a lot of you out there, who feel this same way, that you have done nothing wrong. I am here to tell you you’re right. Many of you did absolutely nothing wrong. I believe you, as I believed Jace.

Yet from the moment you are arrested the intent of everyone you will meet and talk to is to keep you quite.

You will resist telling your friends, family, coworkers because of the shame associated with being connected to these charges in any way. It doesn’t seem to matter that you did nothing wrong. You can’t even start to explain yourself, before you can see others start to question what you are saying. So, often, you choose to say nothing – hoping this huge mistake will all just go away!

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Then you meet and retain a lawyer. The person who will save you from all this. The person who says they understand, that the police are overreaching, that the judge will see the truth and they are exactly the person to show them. For a big fat fee. But, in the name of confidentiality, don’t talk to any press, police, attorneys, etc.

You get to your trial, pumped with indignation. Ready for the fight of your life, and you give it your all. The judge will look at you and see your lips moving but… Pertinent data will go missing, or be squashed as inadmissible. The judge will tell you that vital pieces of this puzzle don’t matter. The prosecutors will twist your words and create alternate realities. And still, you will not be heard.

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For those of us who refuse to keep quite, who scream from the mountain tops about these injustices, tactics, corruption…. we find that the public turns away from us. They don’t want to hear it, can’t comprehend us, unable to believe such things are possible. I think this is the biggest gag order there is. It’s not self imposed, it’s not requested, it’s not twisted.

This gag order comes from our own society, whose blind indifference tries to break your spirit. And your heart.

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2 thoughts on “Gag Order

  1. It’s just very difficult for many people to believe and accept the fact that we have some very sick and twisted people (with the wrong intentions) working in our legal system. That’s what it comes down to. It’s just too scary to accept that reality. It’s that, on top of: Many people just have a need to find others to take out their own anger and frustration on. It’s easy to do when you can put a bad label on someone, even if it’s wrong. Then they have an excuse to treat that person poorly, in an effort to try to make themselves feel better. It’s lack of courage to deal with reality.

    Not talking about it certainly does not help. They tell you to not talk about it because they need to keep important truths hidden, in order for them to maintain the fantasies they have created. This advice is only useful for those who truly are guilty and don’t want to be fully exposed for what they have done or intended to do. Those that have nothing to hide, hide nothing. If anything, speaking up and exposing truths greatly upsets the people who want to maintain their fantasies, at the expense of other people’s lives. They will do everything and anything they can to get you to shut up and to discredit you, if you do expose any truths and wrongs they have done. They will come after you with a vengeance. How dare you ruin their fantasy and expose their wrongdoings??!! How dare you not play along with their game/sick and twisted fantasy?!

    The truth will always be what it is. It doesn’t change. It can be distorted, as is often done in these sex sting operation traps. It can be covered up, like they often do in these cases, but it will never change. It all eventually catches up. A fantasy never lasts forever. Sooner or later it will be time to face reality. You can’t escape reality. Truth is not relative, as some people who choose to live in fantasy worlds, like to think. It takes courage to accept truth and reality. It takes courage to have integrity. The truth is that we have people working in our legal system who greatly lack in courage. It takes courage to stand up and make the right decisions for the right reasons and to truly serve the public’s best interest. Cowards only look out for themselves. We don’t need those people working in our legal system, pretending to be “serving the public.”


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