As every person who wants to make money knows – you need a plan. The hows, whens, and whys of making your idea work.

Turning your idea into positive cash flow.

I have written repeatedly about the millions of dollars, coming from us all as US citizens paying federal taxes, that flows into the ICAC task force. In the state of Washington additional monies, funneled by the lottery fund created to help teachers, are added to the kitty in the name of protecting children.

It’s hard to speak out against protecting children. Of course we all want our children protected. But one of the quickest ways to gain support for anything is to say the children are in danger. This theme runs from age old fairy tales up into our current frenzy.

[Gaston:] The Beast will make off with your children.
[Mob:] {gasp}
[Gaston:] He’ll come after them in the night.
[Belle:] No!
[Gaston:] We’re not safe till his head is mounted on my wall! I
Say we kill the Beast!
[Mob:] Kill him!

This if from Disney of all places, Beauty and the Beast, and its named ‘The Mob Song’. Rather fitting, isn’t it?

The funding for ICAC relies on a number of things. Most are not things the funded ICAC task force can control. For instance the total population of their state. They also cannot directly control the number of tips called in on citizens. There are hotlines that feed into ICAC investigations. These are called ‘Reactive Stings’.

One of the very few ways an ICAC task force can increase their funding is through running “Proactive Stings”.

These are where police CREATE criminals.

Police officers, highly trained at subterfuge, use psychological warfare to entice, persuade, and ensnare men to express, in any form, willingness to entertain the idea of sex with a minor.

This is especially enticing to young men – raging hormones, impulsive natures, scientifically proven undeveloped brain function.

“The Adolescent Brain and the Behavior it Causes

From early adolescence through the mid-20s, the brain develops somewhat unevenly, from back to front. This may help explain teens’ endearingly quirky behavior, but it also makes them prone to risk-taking.

Parts of the brain drive different behaviors.Brains develop back to front. So what? (Here’s what.)And how do we know that? (Brain imaging technology.)Developing brains may be more prone to damage.

The parts of the adolescent brain that develop first are those that control physical activity, emotion and motivation, in the back of the brain in the cerebellum, amygdala, and nucleus accumbens respectively.

However, the part of the brain that controls reasoning and impulses – known as the prefrontal cortex – is near the front of the brain and, therefore, develops last. This part of the brain does not fully mature until the age of 25.”

The police know this, we ALL know this, BUT instead of vetting and thoroughly investigating such likely innocent, but immature, young men – they prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

What’s the answer? I think that’s pretty obvious – When someone is entrapped in one of these PROACTIVE STINGS – check the following criteria:

  1. Is this person under 25? Or suffering a mental condition that affects impulsivity?
  2. Does this person have a criminal history?
  3. Does this person have child pornography on any of their devices?
  4. Was an actual child, in person or picture, used in the sting?

These kind of questions NEED to be asked in proactive stings to protect our young men! The large number of entrapped young men isn’t because society is churning out child molesters! This is a natural phase young men go through – this does not, in any way, actually mean that these young men would rape a child! Or even have consensual sex with a child! All these cases prove is that trained police can outwit a young, naive citizen.

Instead of using modern psychology to save our young men’s lives from prison, and a lifetime registry as a Sex Offender, police are using modern psychology to entrap our young men!


Because that is the fast track method to reach police federal and state funding.

I’m 13! Come have consensual sex with me… Don’t believe I’m 13? You’re right! But you’ll go to prison regardless!

7 thoughts on “The master plan…

  1. Perfect blog, even for men just over 25 impulsitivity due to diagnosed anxiety, depression or other mental disorders fall under these unintelligent stings. Not to mention others such as AdHD, or a personal crisis which worsens or further effects the mental condition and only because this does not matter in court, if some men at the time were alcohol addicts, abused substances such as cannabis or harsher drugs which can greatly impair judgement and thinking while going on an online adult dating app depressed due to certain circumstances. This is not an excuse but police do not care to ask nor seek if you have a history of child porn or seeking out children… Heck even if you are interested because they know you are not.. They are the predators…Police should consider asking several questions while they do these stings in their undercover capacity to confirm the true intentions of these so called predators instead of persuading and then making it a thought crime when trying to analyze an individual. They should not bring sex into a conversation themselves. Why countries and states such as Canada, recently California and Arkansas arrest 2 to 4 men in 3 to 4 month long stings compared to the 20 plus men in 3-5 day stings in Florida and Washington is no coincidence.

    The latter do not care for predators, just making you look like one while not trained with icac to determine who is one, they are driven by numbers. No matter the cost and how shallow and untrained they are.

    Yes maybe 3 or 5 out of the 25 men are truly predators, but imprisonment of 20 individuals to catch 5 true ones is an outright violation of Law enforcement abuse and a clear example of creating crimes .

    And that is without explaining mitigating circumstances in certain cases. Like missing crucual exculpatory evidence, going on adult apps among a dozen other things. Stings… It just needs to stopped or completely be revamped and done correctly in some states. Crime does not by far fit the punishment. These stings are the worst case of ruining an innocents life forever with the registry. This is just short of a cop mistakenly killing an innocent man.

    Registration is the scarlet letter and worst if you know in your heart of hearts or your sons heart.. They are not into underage children.


  2. Is there a relationship between viewing CP and getting involved in an activity that ends up being a police sting? I haven’t read any evidence that doing one leads to another. I would also be surprised if most had a history of criminal activity. This could also be true of older men.


    1. Hi Maysie – yes – there is a relationship between someone purposely seeking a child for sex and child pornography. Doing one may or may not lead to the other. My point is that someone who WANTS a child will have other indicators. CP, people near them who have their suspiscions, recorded history of inappropriate behavior, etc. True pedophiles don’t just happen in an instant – there is history, indicators… more than one. Does that help? I would be happy to talk with you about this. Respectfully, Kathleen


  3. I would love to speak with you and get some perspective! I myself am starting this horrible journey and am appalled at the things I’ve learned regarding these sting operations. Do you have a way to contact you personally?


  4. We obviously have too many people working in our system who lack greatly in knowledge and skills that should be required for their jobs, or even worse, they just lack in common sense and/or greatly lack in human compassion. Some of them may just not be capable of caring and even get sick pleasure out of hurting others. Why we have these people working in our system and no one is doing anything about it is just crazy. We are obviously not the most intelligent or caring country.
    It’s horrifying to see our resources being wasted on creating criminals, while they are letting the real predators who prey on children get away and continue to prey on children and abuse them.
    What real predator who preys on children goes to adult dating sites to find children to take advantage of? Talk about extreme lack of intelligence, if they really believe that is happening. Real child predators know that they have to groom their victims. What real predator is going to fall for a teen who is throwing themselves at him on an adult site? A real predator would know that it’s not real because he knows that he has to work at getting what he wants from minors.
    What sick parent is going to offer their minor children for sex on an adult site and completely for free? I have never heard of any case where this has happened. Please let me know if you have. These sick parents that do this, will do it with people they know because they don’t want to be caught. If there would be anyone sick enough to look for adults to have sex with their minor children why would they invite strangers on adult sites to come have sex with their minor children for free, no cost at all?
    Does anyone really believe that a true child predator would fall for this? Really? Someone who knows how to get away with abusing children is going to just easily fall for something like that? Yeah right! I’m pretty sure that they are catching very few true child predators in these sex sting operations where they are “looking for child predators” on adult sites. It’s obvious that most child predators are not looking for their child victims on adult sites. It’s common sense!!
    If you create a weird, crazy situation, of course you’re gonna get people who are curious about what the heck is going on with someone advertising this on an adult site. These idiots who are creating these fake situations are not catching true predators. They’re catching vulnerable and naive people. Predators are not vulnerable and naive. Predators target vulnerable and naive victims.
    I don’t understand how people who work in our system can be so clueless about these things. It’s their jobs to know these things! It’s mind blowing to see how clueless some of them are. It’s either that or they’re just pretending to be so damn clueless because that’s what they have to do to get what they want. Either way, it’s wrong, and it needs to be fixed. These people need to be held accountable for what they are doing to others. This is America, and it’s the 21st century! It’s insane that they can get away with these things!
    You want to talk about making America great again? How the heck is this country any better than any other country where citizens have to flee because of their abusive givernments? And they want to come here?? This is a country where the government is given permission to pick on innocent, vulnerable people, as long as they can create a good story for it and can convince others to believe them. It’s a country where money is much more important than people’s rights. We are certainly not what we were made to be.


  5. You are missing out on those that commit crimes because they have been abuse themselves when these laws weren’t ‘protecting’ them and likely wouldn’t have been able to because the person or persons that abused them were family or some other trusted person who abused that trust and the child, who then went on to commit a crime in today’s environment.

    The cycle of abuse needs to be stopped. This is about more than the children but the now adults that were once children that also need the help from our mental health industry to help them. What LEOs know is that they will have a very hard time finding the real perpetrators but to continue their funding, their continued militarization they need to make arrests and prosecutions. Without them how will they garner tax-payer support?

    The mother of the registry Patty Wetterling has even seen how they have warped the law she got signed in by Clinton. She has changed sides because of what has happened since she got it passed.


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