2 thoughts on “Here’s what happens…

  1. I truly believe there is a good chance these cases are being created by the true predators themselves, who are hiding in positions of power and great influence (like: law enforcement, government, church leaders, etc). They work hard at pretending to be good people and earning people’s trust. They work hard to convince everybody of their lies and to make it to where people will not question their behavior. That’s what true predators do. They seek positions where they can have great power and influence over others. This is how they can keep hidden how they victimize people. They choose people they see as weak to victimize. They know very well that they can convince most people that they (the predators) are being honest and that anyone who speaks out against them (their victims) are not credible. They work hard to make their victims appear to be non credible. So, that no one will believe them (the victims), and they (the predators) will not be held accountable. Even worse, they will not be stopped from continuing to victimize others.
    They are charming sociopaths. That’s how they are able to get many people to believe their lies. That is how true predators function.
    All these sex sting operations, sex offender registries, restrictions, etc. are all distractions created, while the true predators are getting away with continuing to victimize. I’m convinced it’s the true predators who are pushing for those things. It’s a false sense of security for everybody, created to keep the focus off of the true predators. More importantly, I think that false sense of security actually increases the risk of sexual abuse of children and women.
    It’s time for everybody to wake up. The real predators are hiding in plain sight, masking themselves as “good people.” They are not going onto Craigslist, or other places like that, looking for mutual agreements with others. Real predators choose their victims carefully. They want to make sure they are going to get away with what they are doing. Real predators are not likely to fall for stupid police sex sting operations. They are much more likely to be the ones running the sex sting operations or working alongside police who are running the sex sting operations. That is how real predators work. We need a lot more public awareness of this. Stop falling for these lies. Believing these lies increases the risk of sexual abuse for everybody.


    1. Certainly nothing new, blacks, homeless, poor, hippies, revolutionaries and more have all been found guilty of “crimes” people believe they would do with little to no due process nor evidence. They have found a way to add young male adults, and make a fortune off it. The people sentencing them and judging them never have clean hands, something always shows up, and it’s never good.


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