‘to approve or endorse in a routine manner, without thought’

a person, bureau, legislature, etc., that approves or endorses something in a routine manner

I’ve had a number of friends ask me why I haven’t posted all the details of Jace case here on my blog. The answer is that Jace has been convicted but not yet sentenced. The last thing I want to do is prejudice the prosecutor or judge against him any further than they already are. In truth, sadly, I think it’s more ambivalence than prejudiced. It’s pretty clear they do not CARE about the truth, law abiding citizens, or justice.

The facts about Jace case are very few really. He went to an adult website to find consensual, unsolicited, adult sex. He responded to an ad that had no indication of age attached to it. He corresponded with an adult and felt relatively confident of that. When they mentioned being a minor he stated he didn’t believe it. He went back to the original ad to look for any indication of age, but the ad had been removed. So he asked for a picture and was sent the picture of an adult female (shown in ‘just the facts’  tab of this website). Corresponded with her for another hour before she again stated she was 13. Having seen her and chatted for 1.5 hours he simply knew she was lying, assumed she was playing a game or ‘role play’. Arranged and met the woman from the picture at the door of a house in Vancouver, WA, and was arrested and convicted of ‘looking for and enticing a minor for sex’.

Having given FULL cooperation, believing this was all a mistake and the police would do the right thing, he was rubber stamped guilty by a judge. The judge stated he didn’t believe a word Jace had said? No reason given. No ‘proof’ Jace was lying. Just ‘guilty’.

He is awaiting sentencing mandated at 6 years to life for this crime.

A rubber stamp, as a political metaphor, refers to a person or institution with considerable de jure power but little de facto power; one that rarely or never disagrees with more powerful organs.

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