Yesterday was hard on me. Hearing the history of how our ancestors fought for our freedom – against oppression, monarchy, and those who would use power and money against the common man. Yet that is where we are today. Government funding used by corrupt police, prosecutors, and judges – not in the search for truth.

There are groups who push stricter mandatory sentencing. Advocates who are valiantly fighting for sexually abused children who do not realize what their push does throughout the system. Stricter laws mean more innocent men take the plea bargain. Many of these men do not have the backing for a private attorney. They face, in my sons case,  6 to 8 years of jail if found guilty by a corrupt system.

An innocent man, who believes in the freedoms our ancestors won for him – has to PROVE his INNOCENCE, not the other way around as it should be.

If you could plea out to less than four years, even though it means you would have to plead guilty to something you didn’t do – instead of spending 8 years in jail as an innocent man….


One thought on “The Holiday

  1. Saddening overall yet you’ve posed a great question. One which I’m not sure the answer would be. How shameful it is that innocent people must accept a plea deal rather than the extensive ramifications of declining one.


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