One of my favorite movies of all time, and something that this movie buff quotes often, is ‘When Harry met Sally’. It’s a great movie about change; how it’s slow to happen, sometimes thought impossible, yet it’s actually inevitable. We all grow. Hopefully for the better.

I have named this year the ‘Year of Corrections’. It’s the year I plan to get my life back on track. It’s the year I plan to slough off yokes of burden placed on me, be it willfully or not. I am my own worst enemy – and I know it. I plan to find joy in my life, for myself. Reinvent myself a bit. Refocus on what I think is both important and worth fighting for. Its the age old verse of:

No, Ummm – that’s a good one but I was talking about this one:

You see, I’m not what I think of as wise, and acceptance isn’t my thing. But in order to shed my pain and confinement – this year I am planning to try.

This year – I will say goodbye to things I have committed to, that are not working in my life. This year I will actively participate in positive, life-affirming, rewarding relationships, work, and play.

And in case you all thought maybe I was thinking myself WISE to ACCEPT what has happened to Jace – think again.

This is the year I will see my son acquitted of all charges.

5 thoughts on “Personal Growth

  1. I believe in you, and with the help of Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan and the Universe there is really nothing that you can’t accomplish! I’m looking forward to this year of adjustments myself, and Jace status is certainly at the top of the list! Here’s to 2021!


  2. Bravo, I admire your strength and determination and look forward to seeing you succeed. Like you, I am also determined and will not rest until my son is removed from the registry.
    God bless you🙏🏻🙏🏻


  3. My friend, a Chattanooga, TN Orthopedic Doctor Dr. Earl McElhaney has been destroyed. He sees a counselor because he is a registered sex offender for life (even though he never touched a minor). He was going through problems in his marriage and made internet mistakes. He spent over 7 years in prison, lost his
    family, friends, clients, physicians license and struggles daily with life long parole and the treatment he receives from acquaintances, prison officials and a bevy of others. The community lost one of it’s finest. He can not get a job, even Amazon dismissed him. He volunteered to give Covid vaccines and was denied. I am a retired school teacher and fail to see the logic!
    How is it justice when a system such as this exists? Demoralize, emasculate and destroy is what I see our Legal System doing.


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