Does the word ‘Homecoming’ invoke thoughts of football, bonfires, parades, your high school naming it’s ‘court’? Those were great times for most of us.

Or does homecoming mean something different to you? Did you have a loved one serve in a war? Away in the military service or even just off to college, where you didn’t get to see them often?

The homecoming I am referring to in this article deals with a less happy, but still monumental event in the lives of those faced in the police proactive sex scams. Homecoming here means finally released from prison or jail.

In our last posting I attempted to assemble people to appear in defense of Mr. Arbogast, a 73 year old was veteran wrongfully accused of looking to have sex with a minor. Thank you all to those who replied. I’m pleased to announce that Mr. Arbogast is now home with his loving family and friends. The only way we could be happier for the Arbogasts is if the police never wasted their efforts perpetuating their scam. In lieu of that unfortunate injustice – let’s all give quiet thanks to have him back!

Additionally, I’ve just received word that another unfortunate soul, Aaron Kinley, Jace close friend and one time cellmate, has been cleared by the ISRB for release. We don’t have an actual date yet but are so very happy to be planning his homecoming!

As Jace gears up for a potential retrial, I’d like to take this time to think about the strides we are making, the work we are doing, supporters we are gathering – all in efforts to see every last one of our loved ones and persons convicted in this Collars for Dollars scheme – home safe and sound where they belong. Where we can continue to help them reacclimate and start to heal. We love and support you all.

6 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. My son was just released yesterday. What a bittersweet day. I’m so glad he’s out, but now another tough road begins…


    1. Congratulations Debra – so happy for you. I 100% understand. Please let us know how we can help. Perhaps he would like to join us in a meeting to feel the warmth and understanding of the group? We would be happy to have him join us.


  2. I think about when Jace came home, and how so much worrying ended, and so much worrying began. All in all it was one of the happiest days of my life.


  3. So glad to hear about some happiness and joy in these dark times. That WSP has gotten away with this ruse and atrocity is unbelievable. All the bills and legislatures fighting for police reform and NOTHING on these illegal stings. Rodriguez brags he is bullet proof. What does he have on someone? We know he has deleted & changed texts, illegally ran stings, lied and produced press conferences full of hate and fear mongering. And in bed with Ballard & OUR probably to this day. His friend Jon Lines has been accused of fondling underage girls in a sting, per Lynn Packer. Really corrupt and nasty work by Washington State. We will look back on this and should feel shame for ever.


    1. Rodriguez now has taken a cushy job at OUR. Every effort should be taken by exonerees to sue this pig and take him down. If the state courts have an ounce of credibility left, he will end up behind bars


  4. Thank you for all of your great efforts to bring awareness to the horrible sex stings that are happening all over our country. People are paying a very high price serving horrible sentences and being labeled as sex offenders (in some states for life) due to these sex stings. Law enforcement found a way to bring in federal funds to their local sheriff’s offices and does not care that it ruins innocent lives. Until it happens to you or someone you love or know, you do not believe this is happening in our nation. It does!!


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