NARSOL – the National Association of RATIONAL Sex Offender Laws is hosting their annual conference as a webinar in a few weeks.

I attended this live event last year in Houston Texas with another woman who’s son was ensnared in these police proactive stings. It was very informative. One thing that came out of our attendance was that we were able to tell our story and spread the word on what is taking place.

The funny part, to us, was that we still encountered many people who didn’t believe what we were telling them! Here’s a national group, tightly bound to our cause due to the punitive life long assault the registry causes them, AND WE STILL WEREN’T BELIEVED!

Montclair SocioBlog: LaLaLa . . . I Can't Hear You

It was disheartening to say the least, but it was also worth it. We DID reach people. And even those who didn’t believe us, heard us. When it happens, when you tell someone the outrageous things being done to entrap and ensnare law abiding citizens, and they don’t believe you – you think you have failed. I’m here to tell you that you have not failed.

Turning public perception takes time. Creating awareness takes time. Telling our stories and our truths takes bravery, conviction, perseverance. It takes time.

Perseverance vs. stubbornness - Spiik.Net

I will be calling Narsol this week to ask that they show the video we made of the police proactive stings during the webinar next month.. Please take a moment and write to Narsol for me, or call them, and ask that they show the video on the webinar, of what happened to Jace, and thousands of others in this country! They can be reached at 888-997-7765 or contacted by email through their webpage here:

And please DO sign up for their webinar – there is a lot of good, helpful, informative, and persuasive material in these lectures and discussions. I’m really looking forward to the one labeled “How to reach people who don’t already agree with you”. I’d love to hear from you if you ‘virtually attend’ to discuss what was said.

I recently heard a phrase that caught my attention – and when I am feeling low, like all I do makes not a whit of difference; for my son, for this cause, for you all, to the world…. I think about what this phrase tells me:

If your goal is something that can be fixed in your lifetime – you’re aiming too low.

Or, as Michaelangelo put it….

Quotes about Aim Of Life (114 quotes)

3 thoughts on “NARSOL

  1. Your hard work is paying off and will continue to pay off.
    Very proud of you and very grateful for you.


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