I worry that when my son is released I will stop my campaign against these injustices. I often feel I don’t do enough – don’t we all feel that way – especially when nothing seems to change 😦

Am I deluding myself that my passion for the extinction of proactive police stings, justice reform on mandatory minimum sentences, and the elimination of the useless public sex offender registry, will stay strong when my son is back in my arms?

The truth is I don’t know.

I can feel the stress ebbing from my body. I am no longer living in my RV, segregated from the world and my life as I knew it before this insanity. I have become half of an actual couple now (freaky right?!), with the comfort that having a partner at your side brings. My stuck life, which had slowed to a slow, painful, rotation of the sun – seems to have come unstuck and returned to some normal interactions. I smile regularly now. I can breathe.

Image result for out of depression

Physically, although my body will forever be damaged by the pain this caused me; my neck, locked up solid since last new years, has now finally released – a blatant sign that my stress level is falling.

But what about the people who have just now been caught in an illegal proactive police sting? What about the people I have met, and the friends I have made, who are still going through this hell? Do I have the right to ignore their plight? To happily return to ‘normal’ life with my blinders on?

No. I don’t think I can do that.

We will be hearing about Jace Appeal response next week. Jace and I fully intend to go back to court – armed with the information that we’ve had to choke down over the last year. The other case in Washington that won his appeal, Ken Chapman, will also be going back to trial. We will continue to fight this injustice, head on, until Jace is acquitted or released from all his restrictions.

Optimistic, no – not really. Determined? You betcha!

One thought on “Losing Sight

  1. Not giving up eventually gets you there. I and many others are very grateful for what you have done and continue to do.
    Too many innocent people are sitting in prison because they have given up on speaking up about the truth. You and I know how extremely difficult it is to get out of a trap like this. That’s why most people just give up and give in, but it’s also why it has continued and possibly even gotten worse. Those people all need a voice. We need to continue fighting for them.
    The truth is that ethics is a serious problem in law enforcement, and too many people refuse to acknowledge that reality. There are way too many morally challenged individuals working in law enforcement and in the system. Their pride is more important than anything. How dare anybody ever tell them that they were just wrong about something?? Pointing out a fact like that angers them and makes them come after you more viciously. They see it as disrespect. How dare anybody challenge their dishonest, incompetent, or simply careless work? It takes great courage to own up to mistakes. Apparently, it’s not a part of training for law enforcement, prosecutors, and lawyers. It’s something grade students learn, and it’s shocking to see so many adults who can’t do this.
    Pointing out facts about bad behaviors (misconduct) is seen as disrespectful and bad talking professionals. I’d still like to know what the “respectful” way of doing this is. So far, all I’ve heard is that it’s something you just shouldn’t do, and the results of that is innocent people sitting in prison. How is that a good thing??
    Which is worst: Having innocent people sitting in prison, due to law enforcement, prosecutors, and lawyers misconduct?
    Speaking up and exposing dishonesty and corruption from law enforcement, prosecutors, and lawyers, at the expense of them feeling disrespected?

    I think we need more training in ethics for people working in the system, and there certainly needs to be way more accountability for those who engage in unethical behaviors (dishonesty, misusing the the system, covering up facts for their own benefit, using manipulation to get the results they want for their personal gain or pleasure, etc).

    Continued prayers for Jace and you, our friends, and everybody else who has had this done to them, as well. Prayers for all innocent people who have been abused by those mortally challenged people who are working in our system. To me it is much more important to stand up for people who have been abused by morally challenged people who are working in our system than it is to try to keep from “offending” somebody for pointing out their bad and wrong behaviors.


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