My good friend Aracely’s son Sebastian’s trial was this week. Same type craigslist sting. Boy online looking for a consensual adult to hang out with, hopefully sex involved. Police entice him, then claim they are ‘nearly 14’. He initially talks with the ‘under aged girl’ hoping to dissuade her from her decision to seek ‘older’ men. See, Sebastian had a friend who’s life ended tragically after such experiences. He wanted to help. Eventually he succumbs to the trained police constant sexual prodding and arranges to meet with the promise of sex. And thus his life as he knows it is forever altered.

His mother has fought relentlessly against the corruption these stings embody – police trained to entice men to crash their lives to pieces against the rocks ….

She’s written the prosecution exposing the police. She’s gone through a number of defense attorney, none of whom seem to actually want the truth to come out. She’s written the judge. She’s filed complaints with the Bar Association complaining. She did all the right things that those of us fighting these lies try.

She fought to get the information that NEEDED to come out to be mentioned in court. The result was not what the state will ever see as a ‘loss’, but we know it is. Her son will only have to be in county jail for 14 days. He will be on parole 5 years. On the registry for 15. He can recover from this! We all rejoice and congratulate our EXHAUSTED friend for a fight well fought.

If you know Aracely, please send her your congratulations. I told Jace about the sentence today at lunch. He heartily agreed with my instructions to her, asking that she hug Sebastian from us both.

Congratulations dear friend – I am so happy your son will be home with you.

5 thoughts on “Well it’s not a win but…

  1. I hope that they can start the long process of healing, I know it will take a long time. I’m glad that they will be together soon. I thought of and saw the “Sirens” as you were talking about crashing against the rocks. I see the simile as clear as day, these hypnotizers, trained psychological brain washers, feeding you something that isn’t anything that you think it is, to get a deep emotional and physical reaction that you have little if any control over, only to find out nothing is what it was. It made me think of when you go to take a sip of Root beer and drink Orange Juice instead, you can taste it before you drink it, and then how violated you feel, how betrayed. They are “Sirens”, as proven by the numbers of young adults who can’t resist their song, and don’t even know what’s happened, but thought that they were getting Root beer…


  2. Such wonderful news! I’m encouraged by the outcome and hopeful there will be more in the future.


  3. Thank you, friend.

    It’s been an incredibly scary experience. The lying never stopped.

    We had to fight hard to have Sebastian excercise his constitutional right to take the stand. The lawyer (Alvaro Martinez) was very upset that Sebastian was choosing to take the stand. He was afraid that Sebastian would say things that would expose them, I guess.

    I pissed him off even more when I took the stand during sentencing. I had to pretend to believe the lawyer’s lies and ill intended advice to convince him to allow to me to take the stand during sentencing. I agreed to follow his orders and not bring up certain topics, like how Sebastian is very different and anything about his medical issues. The lawyer said I was not allowed to bring up anything like that because that would not help. Seems the judge was very interested in what I had to say, and as results show, it did make a difference.
    The lawyer was furious about what I did, because I even exposed him for refusing to use the entrapment defense. He yelled at me during the break. Since, I had gotten emotional during my testimony, I just used that as an excuse for “forgetting” about what I was not supposed to talk about. He demanded I follow his orders and keep my eyes on him while I finished my testimony (after the break). Again, I just pretended to believe and trust him. 🙄

    The prosecutor (Lacy Holloman) is very vicious. She loved it that I was taking the stand, but she too was very frustrated with the responses I kept giving because I kept exposing things they wanted to keep hidden. In fact, I only went against our lawyer’s ill-intended advice, when she was questioning me. He kept objecting to her questions because it was making all of them look bad, including him.
    I wonder if they will continue to still be friends that help each other out 🤔

    Don’t give up. In our case, they are the ones who had a lot to hide. My mission has been to expose them.

    Yes, we still lost, but it could have been a lot worse. These people are very vicious and worked very hard to get us for everything they could because “how dare I speak up against what they are doing and call them out on their lies”
    Lacey Holloman called me an enabling mother and demanded prison time because Sebastian’s support sysytem (me) was enabling him. The words that stand out to me the most are: “SHE THINKS SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING” (referring to me). Those are the words of an abuser. I have learned in my lifetime, that when I hear those words being told to me, that person is an abuser who is desperately trying to control me and force me to do what they want, for their own selfish purposes.
    How ironic. She worked hard to convince everybody that Sebastian is an abuser. Sebastian has never and would never use those words against anyone because he is not that type of person, an abuser who wants to control others. She showed a lot more signs of being a dangerous person that others need to be protected from (in just one day), then Sebastian has in his entire life or likely ever will.

    Sebastian has been very strong and courageous. He wants to share his story publicly to help others that this has also happened to and preventing it from happening to others.
    Sebastian is not typical. He is very different, and because of this he easily gets misjudged, mislabeled, and even made fun of. Lacey Holloman even laughed at him when she was able to fool him into responding the way she wanted him to. Sebastian was truthful. There was just so much more to it, that he was not allowed to tell more about. Lacey Holloman just acted like the typical bully, getting sick pleasure out of hurting others.
    There is a low tolerance for individuals who are different and there are too many bullies who like to abuse others, just because they are different.

    This is the kind of people these bogus sex sting operations target. They create distractions and a false sense of protection from “child predators”, when in reality they are actually increasing the risk and actual sexual abuse of children and women, by protecting the real predators. The real predators don’t fall for these sex sting operations where minors advertise and offer free sex to strangers on adult sites. If it were even close to being realistic, the minors would not be giving out their minor ages. They would pretend to be 18 or older. Real predators know how to get away with abusing others. It’s very unlikely they would fall for something fake like that.

    Not giving up until his story is making a difference in many other people’s lives.
    Being different doesn’t make somebody dangerous. We need major public awareness about that.


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