A lot of people have shown surprise and disbelief that I am still fighting my sons case after the judge found him guilty. I want to tell you all that any and all motions can still be made AFTER the trial, as long as you show the judge that it is relevant.




Those of you in the field, or who have looked into what happens in these trials know the usual post conviction briefs and motions. Here is what we have been through since May 22nd.

Currently we do not have a date set for sentencing.

  • Motion for new trial and / or arrest of judgement

  • Brief in support of motion for new trial and / or arrest of judgement

  • Subpeonas Duces Tecum

  • Reply to City’s Motion to Quash

  • Motion to dismiss



I just received a notice from my attorney that the judge wants to see us tomorrow:

Subject: 17-1-00384-1 State v. Hambrick – Court Ruling re In-Camera Review
Importance: High

Good afternoon, Counsel:

Judge Gonzales has completed the in-camera inspection of the training manual. Judge is prepared to render his decision, and prefers to provide an oral ruling this Thursday, on his October 25, 2018 at 9:00am Criminal Docket, rather than delaying until Friday, Nov. 2nd.

Can everyone be available this Thursday morning?


Everyone is hopeful this is good news. I am resisting the thought. It could be nothing, it could be everything, and anything in between. With so little information given I prefer to believe that nothing has changed and steel myself for tomorrows daily dose of pain.



And yet….

there is the smallest whisper in my ear that just maybe my persistence and hard work could pay off!?!?!



4 thoughts on “SURPRISE!!!!

  1. Few people have families that have done the volume of research and support as Jace gained by you being his Mother. May tomorrow be blessed for a positive outcome!


  2. Praying more than ever for you guys. I really hope this is good news! Way to go Kathleen! Don’t give up! You’re making a difference. If we all keep fighting the way you have been, hopefully these cowards who are trying to hide behind the law or their badge while abusing others will think twice about continuing to do things like this. They’ve only been doing it because they’ve been getting away with it. Everybody needs to start standing up for themselves when this is done to them. This is the only way this abuse of power will ever be stopped for good. Hopefully, it runs the cowards out of this field. So, that we’re left with only the good ones with the right intentions, or at the very least those that are not following the laws should be held accountable.


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