I know that a lot of you are waiting to hear what happened yesterday… for a touch of catch up, we currently have two motions in to the judge as well as the sentencing. After our last court date, in which both Jace and myself ended up a pile of nerves, we had been asking to have these three split apart so that each can get the time and consideration they need. This is especially important to us, the defense. We are saying the police acted illegally. We want the judge to look at why we are saying this and give it time to sink in and mull in his head.

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So yesterday was what I am calling ‘hopeful’. Not only did we get the three things split into three hearings, but 1. for the first time ever, the judge looked at and spoke directly and respectfully to my son.

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 2. The judge said, about the sentencing date “if we get that far”. While I am taking that phrasing with a grain of salt, it is probably the most hopeful thing I have heard from his mouth.

And 3. The judge allowed my attorney the opportunity to make a case for compelling the ICAC documents. These were already compelled and seen by a defense in Washington State once before. Could be there is nothing in them worth seeing. Could be that attorney was looking for something different than we are.

Jace also said he felt court went well, so I feel confident that it wasn’t just wishful thinking on my part.

All in all – yesterday gave me hope.

Hope that the judge is actually listening at this time.

Hope that my innocent son could get an even close to appropriate sentence.

Hope that maybe we have hit on a piece of this puzzle that could make a dent in these illegal stings operations.

I am a pessimist by design, but yesterday gave me just a glimmer of hope and I am taking a moment out of months of pain, anguish, worry, and non stop advocacy to glow just a bit.

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4 thoughts on “All that glimmers

  1. K8: I’d like to make a donation, but I don’t like using gofundme. I normally use paypal for all of my online buying and selling… so perhaps you could give me the correct email to use, to send you a donation? Or, if you like, a PO box, a physical address, whatever you’d like. I think I remember seeing you moved to Salem? Doesn’t really matter, I suppose. So busy, so much, so hard to weather a storm. I was very glad that you had a nice glimmer of hope in your last post. Benjamin

    On Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 5:57 PM The Lady Justice Myth wrote:

    > kitkatinfl posted: “I know that a lot of you are waiting to hear what > happened yesterday… for a touch of catch up, we currently have two > motions in to the judge as well as the sentencing. After our last court > date, in which both Jace and myself ended up a pile of nerves, w” >


    1. Hi Benjamin – that is very kind of you. I do have paypal for my email kitkatinfl@gmail.com. I’ve never received money through that but I assume its possible. I’m hoping to raise enough to put up some signs in washington or oregon. Hoping to make a difference in some little way. You can email me directly if you’d like to share your story.


  2. OMG…my heart is lifted that the Judge actually looked at and spoke to Jace!!!! May the prayers steer this to a fruitful end.


  3. On my, this blog struck me to the core, my younger brother down in Florida is fighting something very similar. He’s diagnosed with combined ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression. Long story short with the help of his GF and myself he’s been flooding his attorney with as much info as he can after being set up in one of Florida’s many stings. We have argued plenty, he wants a paid lawyer but we can’t afford one, I asked him if he’d take a plea, but he wants to go to trial as he states he was set up and his chat logs do not mention anything sexual but that police were the ones throwing sexual suggestions and mentioned sex first. His situation was one where his now GF again had left him, he lived in a city far from family and felt isolated, depressed and was abusing THC to not think as he had recently returned to Florida after spending 3 years in Washington state, he hated the fact he was in Florida again, anyway it was an 18 year old profile of a woman that he states looks older than 18 and even haves a tattoo in her picture. The ICAC procedures you have on this blog he discovered and sent it to his attorney last month July he also.sent it to me (trial is in Dec) the fact you confirm it’s true gives me hope. His attorney stated Judges usually deny the motion but they will go at it anyway, along with the entrapment motions his words were something like “How is it legal for police to infiltrate a non sexual adult dating app similar to Okcupid, create a fake app of an adult and than investigate or chat with him after he simply said hi, when he’s never been in trouble for anything in his life, I rather not live then be an offender and be looked at as a real pedo for something I’m not for the rest of my life’ Our whole family is stressed out, he already had a Doctor asses him and deemed him low to no risk. But this whole ICAC funding is a sad joke. I’m hopeful your son’s judge grants the motion to compel ICAC procedures. Not only should your son’s case be dismissed but my brother has already seen your blog and told me his case would be dismissed on the very merit that there was no warrant issued to the site he was on and the fake profile he contacted was 18 years old. We.are.rooting for you, this is illegal and haves to stop.


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